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Keith Kong 江紀鋒


Keith Kong is born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of Hong Kong. He studied in Waseda University before working in Japan at Mika Ninagawa’s agency. As an enthusiast of photography and art, he established Edition One Art Consulting Limited in 2016 to promote artistic events in China and Japan.



For the past ten years, I have captured memories through photography in order to express my experiences in an artistic yet realistic manner. 


Photography has, to me, what painting and writing doesn't. While a painter or writer can express themselves freely without boundaries or compose abstractions on a plain canvas, photography is always tied to reality on a intrinsic level, regardless of how the final composition presents itself.


For me, it is about competing with time, capturing light, through reflection and emotional filters, much alike what we do in our lives.


When overlapping images and accidental exposures occur as if cosmic surprises and racing thoughts intercross, such accidents can also be beautiful.










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